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My name is Filipa Falcão Reis and I see myself as a student of life, always learning new things and eager to learn more. Therefore, I enjoy new challenges and I am always looking for how to overcome my limits. Thus I am a passionate person who has courage to stand for her beliefs and the drive to lead initiatives with optimism and fierce determination "making things happen": "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" (Winston Churchill).

I love to create innovative products using Agile methodologies, I hate to "re-invent the wheel", I like to be disruptive! If you still would like to now more about myself, where I come from and how I got into Tech, please have a look at the "About me" section of this website! You can also check out my "interests here".

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As you can see from my tweets, Technology is not my only passion. Indeed, I am a Fashionista attracted by any piece of clothe that has pink colour on it (literally strolling the web or London stores for the next item to add to my collection .. is there such a thing as too much pink?), I avidly read Vogue and Agatha Christie’s crime novels (trying to catch the killer before it reveals itself or before my "Salted Caramel" ice cream melts ..) Yeah, but either if I am reading or strolling stores or just "getting lost" in London I am always with my Spotify´s music playlists and my Parrot Zik on (my soul is an hidden orchestra .. can't live without music)! Indeed, I take it everywhere I go on my iPhone, I am a traveler by nature and airports are my second home. I am also a movies' enthusiast (who isn't?!), "Star Wars" is the best double trilogy ever made (and still on going), but my favourite movie is "Breakfast at Tiffany's", Audrey Hepburn was such an amazing artist, a true inspiration! Hummmm .. Let’s just say that I am an "Unconventional Geek" passionate about innovation with Music in my soul and a human being at heart!

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